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PassFab ToolKit ~REPACK~ Crack


PassFab ToolKit Crack

PassFab ToolKit with Serial Key Download PassFab ToolKit Crack WinRAR Password Remove Category:Password recovery software Category:Windows security softwareQ: Matching Lines that contain specific pattern and delete certain part I have a file that looks like this A: abc2 B: cdef3 C: dghi4 D: efghi E: fghi6 I want to match lines that contain 'E' and delete that pattern from that line. I want to end up with A: abc2 B: cdef3 C: dghi4 D: efghi And my current code is this: cat textfile.txt | egrep -v ^A | sed -e's/E:/#/g' But when I try to use sed, it's very unclear to me how I can do it. A: Just place the # in a group: sed -r '/E/{/E:/d;p}' textfile.txt If you do need to replace the line itself: sed -i -e '/E/d' textfile.txt Q: Alfresco Rest API - Get workspace root URL I want to get the root url of the Alfresco Workspace. I am using alfresco 4.1 Currently using this code ` var restApiUrl = getRestApiUrl('workspaces'); restApiUrl = restApiUrl.substr(0, restApiUrl.lastIndexOf(':')); restApiUrl = restApiUrl + "://" + host + ":" + port; var updateUrl = restApiUrl + "/alfresco/s/workspace/service/workspaces"; var queryParams = { update: true, workspaceRoot: true }; var updateResp =, queryParams); if (updateResp.workspace.root == true) { var workspaceRootUrl = updateResp.workspace.root.links.href; //Works

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PassFab ToolKit ~REPACK~ Crack

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