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google-authenticator allows you to create on the fly passcodes for accessing your Google Account. The code is entered on a free and open source desktop application (like any other OATH implementation) that shows a list of pre-chosen password recovery codes. Simply insert your phone (Android or iPhone) and you are ready to access your account. It is easy and simple. To use it, you only need a Google Account. No OAuth credentials are required. Even if you have forgotten your OAuth credentials, you can generate a new one, without contacting the recovery email. Moreover, you can receive a text message notification every time a code is needed and after 10 attempts. In order to generate that code, you simply press the button and type the code. It will even tell you the code you just generated (and several N last codes) in a clear text on the screen, so that you can remember it. Once it is finished, you also receive a notification of its completion with the welcome mail from Google. NOTE: Google Authenticator Crack For Windows does NOT replicate the OAuth access token. The only way to access the user's account, is by using a Passcode. When you have your phone near your computer, any time you need access to the account, just open the Google Authenticator application on the desktop, and enter your Google Account login and password. After that, the application will generate one-time passcode, you can immediately click on that code to validate the access to your account. It is even possible to switch to another browser without switching to the Google Authenticator application. There are several advantages and security features included : One code only is generated for each Google Account. Even if the wrong phone was used, a message would be sent to it. So the wrong code won't be generated. Also, even if you forgot your phone, you can generate an authenticator. It is never stored on your PC, so it is never at risk to be stolen. You can sync your list of generated codes to other computers and get a backup. You can generate additional codes, even if you already have codes. Once a code has been generated, you can receive a notification on your phone about it, even if you turned off the notifications previously. No change is needed on Google Authenticator side. Additional security features : Add your email accounts in your profile. This allows you to associate another email to your Google Account. You have to select that email, a code will be send to it, and it will be redirected to your real a5204a7ec7

Award-winning, one-time code generator and authenticator app. It allows users to protect against phishing and identity theft by generating passwordless temporary codes. The codes are required one time only and can be shared with family members or entered on multiple devices. Our secret keys are never stored. Key features of Google Authenticator Product Key: Generates and displays all one-time codes Click a QR code for one-time codes Save codes to keychain Select from many options for generating or verifying codes Generate codes on multiple devices You are ready for a change: Start with an episode of The Geeks Recommendations Google Authenticator is a complete replacement for the popular one-time-code generators like Duo and Authy. If you are already using one of these apps, you will want to download and install Google Authenticator instead. More information about using Google Authenticator can be found at: Please note: When you download and install Google Authenticator, it does not replace the one-time code generator that was installed by you before. Instead, it adds additional functionality, including the ability to generate codes on multiple devices. Which versions of Windows include Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Google Authenticator is offered as a portable package that works on all supported operating systems. The portable package does not require installation. How to download and install Google Authenticator Download Google Authenticator by heading to the Google Authenticator Download page. Select the "Save Files" option. This will download the portable package to a folder on your computer. Select the folder for the Google Authenticator portable package and click OK. The Google Authenticator portable package will be saved to your computer. Open the folder you downloaded Google Authenticator to and double-click the Google_Authenticator.exe file. This will start the Google Authenticator package. You will be prompted to either Run or Open the folder containing the Google Authenticator package. Select Open the folder containing the Google Authenticator package and click OK. This will start the Google Authenticator app. The app will display "Authenticator Setup" to confirm that the app is running and has connected to the Google servers. Click the Skip button to skip this step. Click OK to continue. You will be prompted to enter your username. This is your Google account email address.

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